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Projects :-

Sr. No. Project Description
01 A Buzzer Circuit, where in a Game / Quiz Show where the Result can be shown via
  Colour Signals with Rankings for / upto four Participants.
02 A Game of Tic-Tac-Toe commonly known as X and O made in such a way that Nobody in the World can defeat the Computer.
  This Game is hosted at www.NobodyInTheWorld.com where it can be played with Computer.
03 B.E. Project named 'Computer Controlled Electrical Appliances (Wireless)'
  where any Electrical Appliance can be controlled wirelessly via Computer. [Scored 143 / 150  -  (2nd highest in Batch)]
04 Transformed a Manual Process of Approximate 1 Hour into an Automated Process of 15 Minutes.
  A few months later transformed the same Automated Process of 15 Minutes into a Superfast Process of 5 Minutes.
05 Bit Combination Selector, where a panel of switches replaces the manual tradition of selecting bits (0,1) in 2n combinations.
  This panel was efficient in reducing the time taken by the manual tradition by 75%.

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